Real Life Bible Church

Keeping It Real


Just thankful..finally understanding what it truly means to serve God..

Sharhonda Hrshee Sculark


I just wanted to take a moment and Thank God for all the great people at Real Life Bible Church....."Where we are Keeping it real". Love you guys.

 Daira Almanza Espino

The moment I walked into the church in my spirit I knew this was the place that God was leading me to. A place where Jesus is the main focus and not who you are, where you come from, how much money you have, but who you are to Christ Jesus . I'm excited about what God is doing here in the body and what God is going to do through the members as we spiritually mature in Christ. Let's continue to keep it REAL, because Jesus is REAL.


Love my church and just love the teaching and all the people who just show so much love.  Lillie Wilson

 It's so awesome happy to be a member.

Aubrey Blue